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Welcome to this week's edition of SeeDarkly Sunday DisCOVERies, where I highlight goth/industrial cover songs! First time here? Click here for details given in the first edition. :)

Third Sunday of the month means it's time for a Throwback to something before the 21st Century:

Love & Rockets - Ball of Confusion
The late 60's and early 70's was a time of tremendous social upheaval. But as this isn't a history lesson, suffice to say that it inspired many artists of the era to include politically charged messages to appeal to their audiences to demand change. However in this case, Norman Whitfield & Barrett Strong chose to be somewhat subtle for this track they wrote for The Temptations to perform & record. From the 1970 Psychedelic Soul, (a record that marked a distinctive, if temporary, departure from their earlier pop/R&B sound,) Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today) offered a lyrical list of the key issues of the day, without a specific call-to-action regarding them. It also became the quartet's biggest hit from the album. Funky and as psychedelic as the album title implied, the track had a compelling bass line, a dissonant horn section, and even included harmonica played by Stevie Wonder.

Love and Rockets, a band comprised of three-quarters of the Bauhaus, released a version of Ball of Confusion in 1985 as their first single. Oddly, though it was their first minor hit together, the track was not included on either their first full-length album (Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven,) or the first release of their second, (Express,) until later versions.
Times had changed, as had the politics of the day, so Love & Rockets altered a number of the lyrics to modernize it for the 80's, reflecting the then-current issues with which society was struggling. Perhaps some of the issues listed in both songs are still "current" even today.

The song speaks of strife and discord ever-present in our world while reminding us that through it all "the band plays on." And as a beat driven post-punk dance classic, one can be glad they do.

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
Aggro metal gets remade even more stompy!

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