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Welcome to this week's edition of SeeDarkly Sunday DisCOVERies, where I highlight goth/industrial cover songs! First time here? Click here for details given in the first edition. :)

KMFDM came to town last night (my town at least.) Let's do a cover of them:

SKVM - Dogma
In 1995, a spoken word performer by the name of Nicole Blackman opened for KMFDM's Beat by Beat U.S. Tour. On the tour she recited her poem, Indictment and the band invited her to re-record it with them on their 1996 album, Xtort, where it was renamed Dogma. In fact, the recording does not even include the full text of the original poem, which can be found in Blackman's book, Blood Sugar.
As a somewhat stream-of-consciousness piece, it's angst-laden with a dissatisfaction of pop-culture and a rage against society's ambivalence and its misdirected sense of what's important. It is pretty easy to recognize the appeal to a message-driven industrial band like KMFDM, given both the origins of their name and how (at the time) they wanted Xtort to move them away from the mainstream success gained from their previous album, Nihil.

SKVM, (quite possibly pronounced: "scum,") a witch-house act from L.A., released their cover of Dogma in April of 2013. Mastered by another witch-house artist, H3X3N, the track was supposed to make it on to their first E.P., but for some reason did not.
Their rendition of the track is not really "witch-house" but does weave that style into the elemental foundation of it while maintaining and polishing the core sound of the original.

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
Another "non-goth" act doing a very goth-sounding down-tempo cover! You might have something to say about that but they won't. ;)

Comments, suggestions, discussions, etc... welcome!

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