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Welcome back to SeeDarkly Sunday DisCOVERies, where we explore goth/industrial cover songs, their origins, and other bits of fun related trivia!
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Last week began a four-part series: Octoberween! Each edition devoted to cover songs appropriate for the Halloween season... a season that celebrates ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and, of course, witches:

Hausfrau - Season Of The Witch
Scottish singer/songwriter Donovan released his third album, Sunshine Superman in the U.S. in September of 1966. Many cite the album as one of the pioneering compositions of psychedelia. Season of the Witch was the first track on the b-side. Due to some contractual issues the album was not released in the UK until nearly nine months later, after the first cover of the track was released there by a band called The Pandamonium, only TWO months after the U.S. LP release. Oddly, despite its popularity and his own consistent live performances of it, Donovan never released the song as a single.
It is said that the song was one of his first recordings to feature him playing electric guitar, but also had addition guitar performed by session musician Jimmy Page, before the formation of Led Zeppelin.
The song (the original and its covers) has been included on dozens of spooky film & TV soundtracks (in recent years on True Blood, American Horror Story, and Grimm) and was inspiration to several films & books. Among the more notable artists who have covered the song are Robert Plant, Hole, and Joan Jett.

Hausfrau, is the coldwave/electrogoth solo project identity of DJ/musician Claudia Nova, who is based out of Donovan's hometown of Glasgow. She released her first album, Night Tides in September of 2014 on the Unknown Pleasures label. In addition to her cover of Season of the Witch, the album also includes a cover of David Lynch's Mysteries of Love.

Donovan's original escalates from an eerie psychedelic chill to its menacing rock chorus, smoothly transitioning back into chill to repeat the cycle. Hausfrau's version instead maintains an electric bass drone rhythm coupled with ominous synthy atmospherics that set a mood that is both sensual and unsettling, with her witch-like vocals gaining slowly in intensity through the song to climax and then fade hauntingly away.

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
Week three of Octoberween is also Third Sunday Throwback, so it'll be a devilish track covered in the Twentieth Century!

Comments, suggestions, discussions, etc... welcome!

I'll be spinning twice during the week of Halloween. Some details of my schedule are up on my site. Make plans to come out if you can and feel free to request any of the covers featured here if you like them. ^_^
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