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Welcome to the six month anniversary of SeeDarkly Sunday DisCOVERies, a blog about goth/industrial cover songs! First time here? Click here for details from first entry.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and a pleasant extra hour of sleep today!
It's entirely probable that some combination of those two things led to my lateness with today's entry. And for the 27th entry, since I am delayed...:

School of Seven Bells - Kiss Them For Me
In 1991, Siouxsie and the Banshees released their tenth studio album, Superstition. Kiss Them for Me was the first single; its title derived from the 1967 film of the same name starring Jayne Mansfield, a hugely popular actress of that era. The song, as tribute to Mansfield, paints a picture of her party lifestyle and how it ended tragically with a car accident in 1967. The track was regarded as more "pop" in style than the work of their previous albums, despite the darkly ironic lyrics that envision the actress sending her love to those she'd never see at the next party because of her "delay."

In 2010, School of Seven Bells, an electronic-rock/shoegraze dream pop band from New York, began playing their cover of Kiss Them for Me during a tour supporting their second album, Disconnect from Desire. However their version was not on that album and was released in 2012 as a limited edition single.
While both versions are clearly influenced by Asian music, the Banshee's is more so in the non-percussive instrumentation. By comparison, SVIIB injects their Eastern influences primarily into the cover's resonant and driving rhythm structure, making it a highly energetic dance track.
School of Seven Bells have other covers of note, including their 2012 rendition of Lil' Wayne's How To Love and another that may sadly be one of their last.
Before his death from lymphoma in 2013, their guitarist/songwriter, Ben Curtis, completed his portion of recordings for what will be the 2016 release of the band's next album. It will feature a recently released cover of Joey Ramone's, I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up).

The Cover:

The Original:

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