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I've been thinking about last week's entry where I wrote about how those in our sub-culture aren't really all that different than "commoners" in a lot of ways. And as I considered the broader meaning of that idea, I got to thinking about the recent attacks in Paris. Now, for all I could say on that matter, it's likely I might trivialize the tragedy unintentionally on account of an inarticulate phrasing of those thoughts. (I drafted just enough to feel self-conscious and wary.) So I'm not going that deep. But I want to show some love, support, and hope by way of this week's entry. It dawned on me that there is a way to do so with an unusual industrial cover track done by a French band that conveys a message I believe to be both universal and inspiring:

Wäks - Tanz Mit Laibach

Liabach released WAT (or We Are Time) in September of 2003 on Mute Records. Tanz Mit Laibach was the first single from the album and has long since been an industrial club classic. As previously mentioned in the August entry about their cover of Warm Leatherette, this is a band known for controversial and subversive ideas and is often militaristic in their expression of them. But was this track, translated "Dance With Liabach," merely an ironic (if effective) attempt at filling dance floors or did it have an actual message?

Wäks, based in France, formed the same year Liabach released WAT. They released two full length albums in 2006 and 2008. They have had a third album in the works for a while but it seems it may have fallen by the wayside while the band members pursued other projects and it's unknown if they will reunite to complete it. So what might be their final recording was released in 2009 when they contributed their cover of Tanz Mit Laibach to the French Tribute To Mute Records compilation released on the M-Tronic label.
With female vocals and a unique brand of electroclash-industrial, their cover is a potent and fun interpretation: just as dancable with as hard a rhythm as the original while also a bit smoother around the edges.

It's entirely possible that my interpretation of Tanz Mit Laibach is not within Liabach's intended meaning. Sung in German, it sounds angry, aggressive, and militant. But lyrically, once translated, you have to admit there is a sense of coming together in spite of all the philosophies, politics, borders, and hardships that separate us, and throwing all that aside to dance with one another in friendship and unity. "Give me both your hands... come dance with me comrade... it isn't difficult."

So that's the message I'll choose to share. Dance with Paris. Simplistic, perhaps. But personally, I know no better way to show the world you're unafraid.

The Cover:

The Original:

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This Tuesday I spin in Western Mass and then on Thanksgiving in Boston for any and all looking to escape the dread drama of their family dinners or just want to burn off the extra calories on the dance floor! Check my schedule for links to each event, get details, and RSVP if you can come out. Feel free to request anything you've heard here that you want to dance to there! ^_^

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