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A New Year Darkly to you! I'd like to start off the year with a cover of a track from the band responsible for Mad World. I have to admit, I'm so indulgent about mixing various covers of Mad World into my DJ sets you might say I'm... Head Over Heels?:

Columbine - Head Over Heels

The new-wave/pop-rock band Tears For Fears released their second album, Songs From The Big Chair, in February 1985. Head Over Heels, considered by the band to be one of their most simple of recorded tracks, was a centerpiece interposed between segments of another track called Broken. It was edited to play separately as a single which gained significant international success when released later in 1985.

Head Over Heels was included on the soundtrack of the 2002 film, Donnie Darko, the same soundtrack from which Gary Jules became notable for his cover of their earlier hit, Mad World. (And there began what would become a minor obsession of mine: collecting covers of that track.)
In 2008, its video was the second subject of Funny or Die's series of Literal Video parodies. There have also been various other covers of the track from such artists as Katy Perry, New Found Glory, and recently in a collaboration between Orchids and a Boston based electronic act called Colorgrave.

In August of 2015, a three-piece rock-industrial band out of Detroit released their cover of Head Over Heels. The band, Columbine, was put together by frontman Daniel Columbine, a former member of Psyclon Nine. Their take on the track is decidedly harsh by comparison to the poppy and playful original; a steady synth-industrial march, beset with vocals composed of melancholy electro-gravel.

So here it is: your first DisCOVERy of 2016! Funny how time flies...

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
Second Sunday Slowly! Something downtempo!

Comments, suggestions, discussions, etc... welcome!

So far I'm scheduled for three events this month. Head over to my website for my schedule and details. ^_^

Explore the darkness,

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