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When I began this blog last year I decided that I would devote the fifth Sunday of any month to a cover of a Depeche Mode track, because reasons.(<- intended for you to click and read the previous.)
This month however, I'm flipping the script on that.
You see, for May, Depeche Mode (or maybe their marketing representative looking to spread the news that the band is recording a new album) launched an Instagram campaign: Fans were to pick their favorite Mode tracks according to a schedule of themes for every day of the month and post them with the hashtag, "#ModeMay." Today's theme is "Favorite B-side." Well I've already featured my favorite cover of one of their B-sides with the first A La Mode (linked above.) But what I haven't done yet is feature any cover DONE by Depeche Mode. And, as it happens, one of my favorite of their b-sides IS a cover:

Depeche Mode - Dirt (The Stooges)
In July of 1970, The Stooges released their second album, Fun House. It was the album on which Iggy "Stooge" became "Pop" and preceded the worst period of his then escalating heroin addition.
Dirt is a seven-minute bluesy-jazz-punk hybrid injected as interlude to an otherwise upbeat punk rock album. Where the rest of Fun House jams hard, Dirt slinks with a slow sexual groove at odds with Pop's signature rough gravelly vocals. The late Ron Asheton's guitar solo in the track has been ranked among the top guitar solos of all time.

Depeche Mode released I Feel Loved in July of 2001, the second single from their tenth studio album, Exciter. Their cover of Dirt was the b-side. It was also included on the Resident Evil: Music from and Inspired by the Original Motion Picture soundtrack, but not on the film itself.

Several sources note that lead singer Dave Gahan got into punk in the late seventies before Depeche Mode formed and that this rendition of Dirt was a call back to the music that made him join the band at the start. Gahan, who had, prior to the previous album, gone through rehab for his own heroin addiction after a near overdose, may have intended the track to speak to the type of struggle he and Iggy Pop shared in common. Or it may have only been meant to counter the lyric "I feel loved" on the A-side with an emotionally opposite lyric like "I've been dirt" on the B. There doesn't seem to be much out there to confirm either theory but they are interesting coincidences to consider.

Depeche Mode's version of the track is every bit as energized with sexual energy as the original, though their electronic instrumentation, its somewhat trip-hop composition, and Gahan's silky vocals give it a bit more of a breathy and seductive sound. Of the very few songs they have covered, this is perhaps one of their best.

The Cover:

The Original:

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