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And so the era of HaVeN happening at Diva's comes to a close. Without a doubt many fantastic memories were made in that building. Sad as it is that we'll no longer dance under that roof, I am looking forward to our upcoming adventures in the new venue: The Florence VFW on 18 Meadow St. in Northampton; a former church next door to a local graveyard! The first will be the Friday before Halloween.
I had a chance to test sound there and it's impressive how good the room sounds. Nothing will ever be what Diva's was to us all, but as long as we have a place to gather we'll keep Haven going! I hope you'll all continue to join us!

My playlist follows. Dirge, Penelope and I played a LOT of requests once they started pouring in, and we couldn't possibly get to them all. As a peer in the DJ industry has told me, if you play to 275 people and each has a request... well, you need time for 275 songs to make everyone happy... and in 4-5 hours it just can't be done adequately. So to those appreciative enough to recognize the difference between your DJs "taking" requests and "playing" them, thank you for your patience and suggestions. I hope everyone got something they enjoyed.

Here's what I played at Haven:

Killing Joke - Tomorrow's World
Lassigue Bendthaus - Static
Creatures - Exterminating Angel
Abney Park - Airship Pirates (request)
Bolshoi - Away
Crüxshadows - Bloodline

Depeche Mode - Strangelove
Beborn Baton - Another World
Nitzer Ebb - Join in the Chant
Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy's Song (request)
Wolfsheim - Once In A Lifetime
Skinny Puppy - Pro-test (request)
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Sex on Wheels (request)
Celldweller - Louder Than Words (request)
Repo - Zydrate Anatomy (request)
Delirium - Silence (request)

Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl (request)
Nine Inch Nails - Down In It
Daft Punk - Derezzed (request)
Cure - Fascination Street (request)
Revolting Cocks - Do You Think I'm Sexy (request)
Rammstein - Stripped (request)
Grendel - Zombie Nation(request)
Lords of Acid - Pussy (request)
God Module - Round and Round

A full schedule of my upcoming events can be found on my website (Invitation links for Facebook are added in when active, so if you spot them, please click through, RSVP, invite others and share. Every bit helps. Thank you!


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