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Welcome to SeeDarkly Sunday DisCOVERies:
a weekly exploration of goth, industrial, & dark alternative cover songs!
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This week our featured cover is of a goth-scene dance-floor staple and many are familiar with it. I'd make some dumb joke about how they "run for cover" and got one but... wait did I just make the joke anyway?:

Crytek- Bullet (Covenant)

The Swedish synthpop band Covenant released their fifth album, Northern Light in October 2002. Its second single, Bullet was not released until December, but limited edition double-vinyl versions of the album showcased two remixes of the track. This was their first and only album on the "ka²" sub-label of EMI, which came with a lot of exciting prospects: getting production from Rammstein's producer Jacob Hellner, the expensive video for Bullet which got significant airplay in Europe, and a big-budget promotional campaign unheard of at the time for such future-pop artists; all of which might have made them a widespread household name in their own right. Unfortunately, the label was dismantled at a key moment and all such support crumbled around them, leaving them unable to reap the benefits of the enterprise and made the single difficult or impossible for many fans to find at the time.

Covenant remains active and successful within the goth/industrial community despite that misfortune and earlier this month released their ninth studio album, The Blinding Dark.

Crytek, an industrial/synthpop project from France, released a cover of Bullet in August of this year, nearly fourteen years after the original. This version is rhythmically a bit more punchy than Covenant's, and vocally a bit more dynamic in range. It's as infectiously easy to dance to as its predecessor and a solid interpretation that definitely adds something unique, offering a fresh take on this goth nightclub standard.

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
December begins, but not to worry, I don't intend to start up X-mas carol covers yet. In fact, I plan to only feature one X-mas carol for the month and it will be on X-mas day. Before then though there will be a "sweet" throwback, one for a swirl, and something on the harder/faster side to start.

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I spin next in December, twice. Check my schedule for details. ^_^

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