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It's time for another trip to the 20th century! The Third Sunday Throwback cover featured in this entry is a punk influenced techno-industrial rager originally performed by the band we know best for "pretending that they're dead" who had something to say about people who don't tell the truth:

The Prodigy - Fuel My Fire (L7)

The all-female L.A. grunge-rockers L7 released their fourth album, Hungry for Stink in July 1994. The album had three singles but Fuel My Fire was not one of them. The track was based to some extent on the instrumentation of a 1990 tune called Lost Cause by the Australian punk trio, Cosmic Psychos.

The Prodigy, bridging big beat styles with rave, punk, hardcore techno and electro-industrial, released the best selling album of their career, The Fat Of The Land, in late June 1997. The album included three of their most popular singles (Firestarter, Breathe, and Smack My Bitch Up) and their cover of Fuel My Fire (featuring Republica leadwoman Saffron in duet with Keith Flint for the chorus) was its denouement.

While they have said in interviews that the album was largely apolitical, it's interesting that the title of the album is derived from the old phrase 'living off the fat of the land', which is representative of those who through their wealth live on the best of resources and leave scraps for less fortunate. Add to that a song that expresses such anger toward those who mislead and betray though dishonesty and it wouldn't be unfair to suggest there's an embedded sentiment that many in today's political climate could find relatable.

The Cover:

The Original:

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