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Welcome to the 100th Entry of SeeDarkly Sunday DisCOVERies!
It's a weekly exploration of goth, industrial, & dark alternative cover songs!
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Looking over the features here for the past few weeks and the schedule of what's to come, I realized I've been a little neglectful presenting any covers on the gothier side. Bad planning on my part, nothing more. They are coming. Meanwhile, today's entry highlights a newer Canadian artist with a recent EBM tribute to a track that just don't stop!:

nTTx - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Michael Jackson)

Michael Jackson released Off The Wall, his fifth solo album (the nineteenth album of his career at age 21,) in August 1979. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough was its first single, released two weeks before the album in July. The track features his sister Janet and brother Randy adding to the percussion by tapping on soda bottles with drum sticks. Jackson's mother, a god-fearing Jehovah's Witness, was initially put off by the lyrics of the song because of their suggestive nature. It probably didn't help that this was the first track on which he began injecting what would became his signature shouts, screams, and grunts that punctuate passionately (some may even say "orgasmicly") so many of his songs. However, Jackson claimed the meaning to be far more innocent and open to subjective interpretation for the listener so it could mean whatever they wanted it to mean.
There is also a theory that "The Force" mentioned throughout the lyrics is a direct nod to Star Wars, influenced perhaps by the film's debut just a couple of years before. Though there may not be anything to officially back the hypothesis, Jackson would later collaborate with George Lucas on his long form music video / space adventure for Disney's Epcot theme park, Captain EO in 1986.
There are only a relatively few recorded covers of Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough considering its popularity, although it has been covered on more numerous occasions in live performance by artists of many genres, including on the 2011 tour of his sometimes chart rival, Prince.

nTTx is an electro-industrial solo-project developed by Toronto-based Gord Clement, influenced by acts such as Kraftwerk, DAF, Skinny Puppy, Gary Numan, Yaz, and Genesis (I keep telling you all those guys were one tragedy away from being full-on goths.) He has a pronounced love of covers by other bands and has said he enjoys doing them because, "it boils down to thinking of some altered reality where a great song was done in this genre, and how that would play out." nTTx has released covers of New Dress by Depeche Mode, Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash, and Suburbia by Pet Shop Boys. His cover of Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough was released as a free downloadable single in July 2016 on the independent record label, WTII. This interpretation has much deeper and thicker vocals, replacing Jackson's orgasmic punctuation with the occasional hard sigh and a martial "HA!" The original was already uptempo and energetic dance-pop with a multi-instrumental arrangement and Clement just speeds it up an extra ten insistent beats per minute to enhanced effect on his synthesized EBM tribute to the "King of Pop."

The Cover

The Original:

Next week:
For the day after April Fool's Day, I can't help myself... and neither can the electro-industrial artist driven crazy about a "gift" of pop from the late 80s!

Comments, suggestions, discussions, etc... welcome! (You do NOT need a Dreamwidth account to comment, but all comments are screened for spam prevention.)

I have two (possibly three) gigs lined up for April. As always my site will have updates with the details as they become available. ^_^

Explore the darkness,

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