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Welcome to SeeDarkly Sunday DisCOVERies:
a weekly exploration of goth, industrial, & dark alternative cover songs, where they came from, who did them originally, and other strange facts!
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Following April Fool's Day seems like a great time to put something fun into the mix. So here's an electro-industrial artist driven crazy about a "gift" of pop from the late 80s:

Aesthetic Perfection - She Drives Me Crazy (Fine Young Cannibals)

She Drives Me Crazy was released on New Year's Day 1989 as the first single from English alternative rock act Fine Young Cannibals' second album, The Raw & the Cooked. The song, originally written quite differently under the title, She's My Baby, was recorded at Prince's Paisley Park studios in Minnesota. The falsetto vocals were an unusual turn for lead singer Roland Gift who had intended to use his regular range before the song was re-written. However it worked well to create the memorable hook that made the song the best selling track of their career.
The song has been included on several movie soundtracks, such as The Other Sister, Towelhead, and The Goodbye Kiss, and on over twenty television shows. It has also been covered a few times by artists in a variety of genres: Dolly Parton, Tom Jones, Electric Six, and Aesthetic Perfection.

Aesthetic Perfection, an industrial-pop project created by Daniel Graves, released this version of She Drives Me Crazy on the A Nice Place To Destroy E.P. in June 2012. Graves, who has admitted he listens to a mix of pop, classic rock, metal, and electro, took a bit of negative criticism from some over the cover and responded that they should "have a sense of humor." In one interview he described his interpretation as "calculated chaos." According to the 2014 interview, he enjoys injecting a bit of humor into his work and seems joyful at the thought that this cover is "...all just madness. It was absolutely made with a grin on my face, but I think we’ve reached a point where our fans know to expect the unexpected and that guys with crew cuts and cammo pants know what we’re doing isn’t really their cup of tea." He also thinks it's important to "recognize that there is a whole world of things to enjoy outside your little box." (I happen to agree, which is part of why this blog even exists!)
His mimicry of Gift's vocals, enhanced with his own harsher vocal style makes it pretty evident he's having some fun at everyone's expense. And yet his version of the dance track is surgically reconstructed with industrial precision to make it as exceptional as it might be absurd.

The Cover:

The Original:

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