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Once again it's time for Fifth Sunday A La Mode, when we focus on a cover of Depeche Mode. This down-tempo cover of one of their hits from the late 90's comes from a married couple out of Poland whose project was unfortunately short-lived.:

Forevel - It's No Good (Depeche Mode)

Depeche Mode released It's No Good, their 32nd European single, in late March 1997, two weeks in advance of its US release and the worldwide release of their ninth studio album, Ultra. The album was their first after the departure of Alan Wilder which, along with Dave Gahan's life threatening drug overdose, many thought heralded the end of the band's career. Gahan managed to clean himself up and elements of that struggle are heard throughout the album. On tour Gahan would skip attending after-parties and backstage meet-and-greets in order to avoid the possibility of even being offered drugs. (Fletcher and Gore confirmed this when I met them backstage after one such show in November 1998.)

Forevel was a dark trip hop project from Ewelina Zańczak-Sztaba and Łukasz Sztaba, a Polish couple married for over a decade, influenced by acts like Massive Attack, How to Destroy Angels, Sigur Ross, and, of course, Depeche Mode. Longtime studio musicians themselves, their cover of It's No Good marked their debut as their own act, which came after waiting three months for Depeche Mode to approve the recording (although as previously noted here, there was likely no chance Gore would turn them down.) They released their version online in April 2013 and their video for the single a month later. They were expected to follow up with a full length album featuring the cover along with ten original tracks. However, apart from another video for a single titled, Otworz oczy (Open Your Eyes), no further music has surfaced from the couple and most of their online presence has evaporated. Last October there was indication from a Polish tabloid source that they had split up due to the husband's alleged infidelity. Meanwhile, Łukasz Sztaba seems to be back at work in at his music production company with his brother, Adam.
It's a bit of a disappointment if the project has met its end in such a way. Especially so considering the seductive and rhythmically bewitching artistry of this rendition showed such potential for their original compositions. They have said their sound could be compared to "the silence before the storm, the dense air, the drowsiness." Their version of It's No Good builds anticipation melodically with gossamer minimalism leading to the first chorus when its trip hop percussion begins. From there it continues that gradual build with those blended elements, measure by measure, until its final instrumental closure. Ewelina's vocals are alluring and remarkably distinct in contrast to the original.

The song may say "you can't turn back the tide" but with the very album on which it is included, Gahan illustrated how possible it is to recover from adversity, so perhaps this isn't the last we'll see of Forevel.

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
It's gonna be May and the Second Anniversary edition of SDSD features a sexy EBM/futurepop cover quite relevant to that very meme!

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I spin next in the Boston area this Friday. If you're in the vicinity and care to join me, get the details from my schedule and RSVP if we'll see you there! ^_^

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