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Welcome to SeeDarkly Sunday DisCOVERies:
a weekly exploration of goth, industrial, & dark alternative cover songs!
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This selection is a "Second Sunday Slowly" entry, which means it's a downtempo track.
This song is special for me because the original has, for some 21 years, almost always been played before closing time at the single event for which I've worked the longest as a DJ and promoter. In fact, last Monday marked the 10 year anniversary of the first time in I spun there. So this one goes out to the "Havenites" who have allowed me that place among them for all these years and I hope you all enjoy this dark electronica version of HaVeN's traditional sign off:

The Echoing Green - Voices Carry ('til tuesday)

A new wave alternative band that formed in Boston, 'til tuesday (self-stylized with lowercase spelling) released their debut album, Voices Carry, in April 1985, just one month after the single release of its title track. What actually inspired the song is a bit elusive to ascertain as the story gets retold over the years. When it was first released, during interviews lead singer Aimee Mann stuck with the narrative laid out by the lyrics and content of the video; it was about an abusive relationship and an affair from her past, though for the most part details given seemed vague. It had also been reported that the song was about the relationship between the band's guitarist Robert Holmes and his wife. Sometime in 1999, one interview with the band's producer Mike Thorne revealed that the song had originally been written as if sung about another woman, indicating it was about a possible lesbian relationship. Thorne went on to claim that their label, Epic Records, was unconvinced that they could sell the song to a mainstream audience with such lyrics and demanded it be changed to the version now commonly recognized. Mann's personal sexual history and preferences may be anyone's guess and no one's actual business, but, for whatever it's worth, she has been in a number of publicly known heterosexual relationships and is married currently to musician Michael Penn.
In possibly the most unusual take on the origin of the song, Al Jourgensen of Ministry wrote in his recent 2013 autobiography that Mann confessed to him that the song was about him and the affair he claims they had when she was in her previous band, The Young Snakes. Of course, Jourgensen also states within a page of that claim that he was excessively high on various drugs at the time and lived in a apartment haunted by a ghost that "hated other women," so how credible this account may be is questionable at best. (At the very least, my research turned up no evidence of Mann ever corroborating his story.)
Whatever the true origin of the track, it was 'til tuesday's only top ten hit and it carved a place for the new wave outfit to be considered yet another one hit wonder from the era.

The song has been covered by a short list of artists over the years— e.g., Gang Green, Tiffany, Futurebirds, Morella's Forest, and most recently Adoration Destroyed.

The Echoing Green is a somewhat obscure darkwave/synthpop band that have been active for over 20 years. Their cover of Voices Carry was first released as the "b-side" track on physical copies of their November 2007 single Suffer. (Coincidentally, for those keeping track of my foreword, that makes this cover just two months shy of its 10 year anniversary too.) In 2011, they released a special digital edition of their seventh full length album, In Scarlet & Vile featuring four covers songs they'd done over the years by Statemachine, Fold Zandura, Depeche Mode, and of course, this one by 'til tuesday. As frontman Joey Belville put it, his inspiration for the cover came from a "soft spot in my heart for 80’s synthpop and new wave music" and that they wanted to give their fans some fun extras. They've also done covers of Ceremony by Joy Division, Safety Dance by Men without Hats, Words by Missing Persons, In My Head by Psychedelic Furs, Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid, and Little Drummer Boy. Belville passed lead vocals off to band mate Chrissy Jeter for this cover and between her diaphanous voice and their darkly electronic rock approach to the song it has a unique energy that makes it a worthy successor to the original.

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
A Third Sunday Throwback to the 20th century where the cover from some post-punk icons is less about what the fox said and more about what was said to the fox!

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I've got two dates to spin coming up in September. One this Friday, the other two weeks after that! You can find details on my schedule if you'd like to join those events. ^_^

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