1 March 2015

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Here is the updated list of events in the goth and industrial dance-club scene of New England for March.
New England Scene Darkly provides a calendar of these events at SeeDarkly.Net and maintains an active list of links here so you can find information about goth/industrial clubs or events where you can dance to the music of this genre.

This might be a fresh look at events of which you're not yet aware or simply a central resource of them to help plan your dark nightlife adventures.
The New England Scene Darkly calendar view is updated through the month once changes are confirmed.
The calendar is posted at SeeDarkly.NET.
Here's the News...

...behind this cut: )

As always, it's possible something may have escaped notice or will be announced later. This is by no means an "ultimate" listing. If this listing or the NESD calendar is missing an event or something needs correcting, (like broken or more appropriate links,) please let me know and I will verify and make additions or corrections as needed. Thank you. (Please remember that this update and the calendar only includes those events that fit the parameters noted and that provide a publicly accessible link visitors of this site can use to get more details. Promoters should include prominently in their promotions both the genre of music to be expected and a source website or page, and, for recurring events, not just a Facebook invitation. Exceptions may be made, on a case-by-case basis, for one-shot or annual events.

Events below are weekly unless otherwise noted.

The CUTS are separated by region.
Links are embedded in the event name and will open to another browser or tab.

Click here for the Massachusetts Link List: )

Click here for the NH, CT, ME, VT, RI Link List: )

Note: This posting gets buried under a lot of other posts through the month, so if you need to find it mid-month, you could bookmark:
"New England Scene Darkly" in my journal, where you will always go directly to the last update.
You could also bookmark the calendar page at SeeDarkly.NET if you prefer.
Any questions or comments? Contact info can be found here. Thanks.


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