3 July 2016

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Honestly had a very different plan for today's cover, but due to a personal emergency AND the possibility of including an interview in that feature, I decided to postpone it. With moments to spare during a busy holiday weekend and in dire need of quick replacement, I find the title on this track fitting:

Mechanical Cabaret – Desperate But Not Serious (Adam Ant)

After disbanding the Ants, new wave artist Adam Ant released his first solo record, Friend or Foe in October of 1982. The third single from the album, Desperate But Not Serious, was not quite the pop success of his first single, Goody Two Shoes, but was much better received than the second single, the album's title track. That album also included Ant's cover of Hello, I Love You by The Doors.

In 2009, electro-synthpunk experimentalists Mechanical Cabaret (like Ant, also from London,) released the second single from their Damaged Goods album, Careful, Careless. Included on some pressings of the single was one of few known covers of Desperate But Not Serious.
According to lead singer Roi Robertson, who says he's a huge fan of Adam Ant, the band was asked to play the song by the Ant Liberation Front, (the official Adam Ant fan club) for one of their annual conventions. Robertson was excited by the idea though it took roughly five years after the live performance for the band to finally polish and record their version.
It was also later included on their 2011 compilation of remixes and rarities, Disco Vandalism.

In Mechanical Cabaret's tribute, gone are the trumpets of the original and in their place are synthetically dance-friendly electronic sensibilities with a bit of buzz, bass, and mild phasing distortions to distinguish it from the original:

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
It's another Second Sunday Slowly when I feature a dark down tempo cover. I've waited for a few months for this one to be available in a format that would allow sharing. About two weeks ago we were finally given that exclusive high rise community access!

Comments, suggestions, discussions, etc... welcome!

I spin tonight in Cambridge, Mass. My schedule has details for that and other upcoming events should you care to join! It's likely I'll play some of the covers or originals featured here, among other great dark tracks, new and old! ^_^

Explore the darkness,

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