11 December 2016

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As is customary for what I call Second Sunday Slowly, this week features a down-tempo cover. It's one of those songs of which you might have already encountered either the original or cover in the clubs (perhaps both) and it has the distinction of being one of my personal favorites. The cover also benefits a somewhat unusual charity some might find worthy of contribution in the spirit of the season:

St. Anthony Jones - Shoulder To The Wheel (:Wumpscut: remix) (Bel Canto)

Bel Canto, a Norwegian dream/synth-pop group, released their second album, Birds Of Passage, in 1989. (They were actually called "Bel Kanto" in Norway at the time due to a legal dispute involving a choir using the same name.) A Shoulder To The Wheel was released as the second single from the album in 1990. Geir Jenssen left the group shortly after to focus on his own project, Biosphere, while Nils Johansen and Anneli Drecker would go on to win a Grammy with Bel Canto's next album, Shimmering, Warm and Bright.
The duo continue to work together as Bel Canto in-between their various other enterprises, though efforts on their last reported album seem to have stalled. Johansen has worked as a composer for film and TV and with the band, Vajas. Drecker, who, along with her solo albums and many collaborations with other artists, has performed seasonally for the last several years in musical theater productions at the Hålogaland Teater in Norway (which will present The Sound of Music next fall; it is not clear if she is in that cast.)

Anthony Jones aka St. Anthony, is a San Fransisco-based vocalist and composer for such projects as Alaska Highway, Monastic, and The Point of Reflection. He released his first solo album, Viktorian - Descent Into Darkness on Valentines Day in 2011. It features two mixes of his cover of Shoulder To The Wheel with additional vocals provided by his sister, DJ Amanda Jones. While the remix by Inure appears earlier on the album than that by :Wumpscut:, it isn't entirely clear if either is the original cover or if neither is, though in the latter case there does not appear to be a prior release of the track. :Wumpscut: does also feature the track on their limited edition DJ Dwarf Eleven remix compilation, which was released at the same time or shortly after (depending on sources.)
Profits from his versions of Shoulder To The Wheel, along with all his solo music, go to benefit the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Lucerne Valley, California, an educational organization seeking to rescue and protect the area wolf population from extinction.

Bel Canto's original is structured far more strongly around its synth melodies, while St. Anthony's cover is predominately centered on its resonate rhythms. Both are dark down-tempo dance delights, reminding us of the consequences for forgetting our promises.

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
We're getting closer to that holiday when visions of sugar plums are said to dance in our heads. I don't really know what a "sugar plum" is, but the subject of this week's Third Sunday Throwback might. (And as promised, it's not an X-mas carol...)

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