2 January 2017

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Here is the January update of New England Scene Darkly, a listing and calendar of events in the goth and industrial dance-club scene of New England.
It's the 11TH ANNIVERSARY of New England Scene Darkly! What started as a simple list of events has grown to include a constantly updated calendar & its own web address, found @ SeeDarkly.Net. Admittedly, it has its flaws & is not entirely as complete as I'd prefer, but I'll keep it running, and hopefully it continues to be a handy resource for many in our local goth community. Thanks for checking it out!
Guidelines and other fixed information about N.E.S.D. are under the event list below in the "fine print."

Here's the monthly update...

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As always, if something has escaped notice or will be announced later please let me know and I will verify and make additions or corrections as needed. Thank you.

Events listed below are regularly weekly unless otherwise noted.

The CUTS are separated by Massachusetts and the rest of N.E.
When links are embedded in the event name and will open to another browser or tab.

Click here for the Massachusetts Link List: )

Click here for the NH, CT, ME, VT, RI Link List: )

The "Fine Print"
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Any questions or comments? Contact info can be found here. Thanks.


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