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Welcome to SeeDarkly Sunday DisCOVERies where I blog about goth/industrial cover songs! First time here? Click here for the first entry and the reasons I do this.

Third Sunday means it's time for a 20th century Throwback! And since the "blessed virgin" comes to town next weekend...

BiGod 20 - Like A Prayer
Like A Prayer was the title-track and lead single of Madonna's fourth album, released in 1989. At the time, the song and its video (below) were received contentiously on account of its combined sexual/religious imagery and its message with regard to racial and religious equality. None of that stopped the song from becoming one of Madonna's top selling singles of all time. The track has inspired at least 13 covers, including one that has become an industrial club classic from BiGod 20.

BiGod 20, an EDM/techno outfit from Germany, released their first full length album, Steel Works!, in 1992 on Sire Records (which also was Madonna's label at the time.) Their first single from the album, On The Run included their cover as a b-side. The cover, which did not appear on the album, proved to be so much more popular than the a-side, that they released it as its own single in the next year. The cover was also later added to Cleopatra Record's second Virgin Voices Madonna tribute compilation in 2000.

While BiGod 20 has since disbanded and its members have moved on to DJ and produce trance & house music, Madonna has a concert this Saturday in Boston and one imagines it likely she will perform the track.
Both versions are highly energetic tracks differing in vocal styling (maturing pop-princess versus deep growling German accents) and elemental instrumentation (pop/rock versus industrial/techno.) BiGod's version also maintains a steady percussive dance rhythm through out the song.
For BiGod 20, the cover exists as one of their most memorable recordings and as the gateway that led many to seek and discover their original music.

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
Right now, I'm undecided on just which new up-tempo track to highlight next Sunday. (I'm tempted to indulge my own perverse sense of humor and do this. Oops, guess that's spoiled now. ;P ) While I've nothing specific picked for next week yet, I can say that with Octoberween around the corner I already have a few seasonally appropriate tracks lined up for it! Kinda can't wait!

Thanks to any and all who check this out. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, discussions, etc...

I spin again in Boston this Wednesday and a week from Tuesday in Western Mass. Links to RSVP and get additional details can be found on my schedule. Feel free to request anything you have found here if you like any of it. ^_^

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