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I'm going to call this one another "Fourth Sunday Familiar" though to be honest, I'm not entirely sure if the cover IS that familiar to those outside my region. I'll go with my gut but if you've never heard it, then it's new to you and it's definitely a track worth being introduced to:

Zeromancer - Send Me An Angel (Real Life)

Australian born new-wave synthers Real Life released their first album, Heartland, in 1983. The first single, Send Me An Angel, is the one for which they are best known as one-hit wonders. In fact, the single was edited and updated in 1989 to even greater chart success than when it debuted. It has been featured in a number of film soundtracks (including The Wizard, Rad, and Teen Wolf Too) and on over a hundred compilations of various artists.
As recently as 2009, frontman and remaining member David Sterry released a covers album on Cleopatra Records titled, Send Me An Angel -'80s Synth Essentials, with yet newer recordings of the track. The covers included tracks by artists like The Cure, The Korgis, B-Movie, and Kraftwerk, and standards like Shout, Everything Counts, Cars, Blue Monday, and Tainted Love. On covering these tracks, Sterry has said, "Covering a song forces you to look at how it was constructed and every song made me aware of just how clever the originals were in performance and arrangement. I was very wary that the original artist might think my version a pile of shite (as I do with 99% of Send Me an Angel covers)."

Which might give us some indication of how he felt about the version done by Zeromancer. These industrial rockers released their club-popular cover of Send Me An Angel on their second album, Eurotrash, in 2001, also on the Cleopatra label. The cover was also included on their single release of Need You Like A Drug, from the same album.

It's a heavily guitar driven interpretation as opposed to the original's synthesized core, styling the track in very similar fashion as we've seen in Orgy's version of New Order's Blue Monday. It may not convince you of the existence of angels, but it may make you dance like an angry one on the head of a pin!:

The Cover:

The Original(video version, not album):

Next week:
Fifth Sunday A La Mode! And the excellent cover of Depeche Mode will come to us from a respected gothic rock band for whom I otherwise have a fairly unpopular opinion. (They just keep letting me down.) ;)

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