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Here is the October update of New England Scene Darkly, a listing and calendar of events in the dark alternative, goth, and industrial dance-club scene of New England.
What started as just a simple list of events has grown to include a constantly updated calendar, its own webpage, and hopefully it continues to be a handy resource for many in our community.
The layout has condensed the monthly news, now placed in two categories: "New Additions" & "Changes/Cancellations." Details are brief with additional details, dates, and links available on the calendar @ SeeDarkly.Net. Other fixed information about N.E.S.D. is now under the event list below in the "fine print."

Here's the News...

October brings many Halloween events! Many are part of existing listings. Some are new or annual events included in the news here. There are also some changes to be aware of. All of these are reflected on the calendar @ SeeDarkly.Net.

New Additions:

ManRay; Boston, MA - Frequency: Annual One-Shot
Witches' Ball; Salem, MA - Frequency: One-shot


Haven; Northampton, MA - Venue: Now at the Florence VFW.
Darq; Salem, MA - Schedule: Additional Event Scheduled for October
Ulteria; New Haven, CT - Schedule: Additional Event Scheduled for October

There are other events of note, but require confirmation though central public sites where further info can be found. There may be other events to be announced or requiring updates. Upon confirmation from a verifiable source or site (not an "invitation" page), they will be added to the calendar.

As always, if something has escaped notice or will be announced later please let me know and I will verify and make additions or corrections as needed. Thank you.

Events listed below are regularly weekly unless otherwise noted.

The CUTS are separated by Massachusetts and the rest of N.E.
When links are embedded in the event name and will open to another browser or tab.

In Massachusetts (Boston area unless otherwise noted)

Ceremony @ wonder bar - Facebook

Allure @ garage lounge (monthly) - Facebook

Excess @ garage lounge (monthly) - Facebook

Resonance @ once (Somerville)(monthly) - Facebook

Attic @ machine (downstairs) - Facebook

Haven @ florence vfw (Northampton) (monthly) - Facebook

Xmortis @ middle east downstairs (Cambridge) (monthly) - Facebook

Sin-O-Matic @ machine (monthly) - Facebook

Heroes @ machine/middle east downstairs (Boston/Cambridge) (twice monthly)- Facebook

Darq @ koto (Salem) (monthly) - Facebook

Corrosion @ brighton music hall (monthly) - Facebook

NH or CT or ME or VT or RI

Primary @ flask (Portland, ME)(monthly) - Facebook

Nokturnal @ dusk (Providence, RI)(monthly) - Facebook

Resurrection @ doogie's (Manchester,NH)(twice monthly) - Facebook

Tilt @ styxx (Porland, ME)(monthly) - Facebook

Plague @ sports bar (Portland, ME) - Facebook

Ulteria @ anna liffey's (New Haven, CT)(twice monthly) - Facebook

The "Fine Print"
The New England Scene Darkly calendar view is updated through the month once changes are confirmed.
The calendar is posted at SeeDarkly.NET.

How the Calendar Works:
The calendar is posted at

In its default "Agenda" view, the calendar shows the date, name, venue, city and state of the events.
Click the "Month" or "Week" tabs to change the view.
Clicking on the event shows you both the physical and web addresses for the event.
Clicking "more details" will activate the links.
Some events are regular and recur based on a set schedule.
Some do not, so may not be listed past a specific date until future dates are announced.

Promoters: Please keep in mind that this update and the calendar only include those events that fit the parameters noted and if you do not have a viable link to a publicly accessible** website for your event, I reserve the right to omit your event from listing until such time as you can provide one. Promoters should include prominently in their promotions both the genre of music to be expected and a source website or page, and, for recurring events, not just a Facebook invitation. Exceptions may be made, on a case-by-case basis, for one-shot or annual events. After all, it really is in the best interests of any promoter to have a website from which anyone can get sufficient info.
(** "Publicly accessible" means "view-able without needing any login," like some facebook pages require.)

These details are not included on New England Scene Darkly updates:
*Cover or Age Restrictions
*Concerts or Performances (See additional note below.)
*DJs, VJs, Lights or Sound, etc...
*"Special" Event Titles, Shows, or Promotions for an existing "brand."
For e.g., if "Perdition" (SeeDarkly's first short-lived event) is holding a special "Seventh Circle of Hell" night, there would be no change made to its regular listing or inclusion of that amount of detail; that sort of thing should be promoted on Perdition's website, which would be linked here for that very convenience.
(however, if an event is a regularly occurring night, I will not remove it during those instances that it has any bands performing on a specific date of their schedule, I leave that again to the sites, as linked, to promote.)

I'm happy to make changes, corrections and additions.
Please contact me directly as needed.

NOTE: New England Scene Darkly is meant as an "informational" source for dance events, not a "promotional effort." In other words, this is a means to keep people informed about what nights are available on the scene and let them know if there is something new or canceled, not really to "promote" for each night, because again, I can not do that fairly (or without bias honestly) for them all within this format. I try to post all events here in the same manner, regardless of my personal involvement. If I am directly involved with an event, I post additional details separately from the New England Scene Darkly listing and calendar.

Personal Note: This might be a fresh look at events of which you're not yet aware or simply a central resource of them to help plan your dark nightlife adventures. This is something I do with my time and for free. While I welcome suggestions, the bottom line is that I've chosen specific methods to ensure I can do equally the same thing for every event I post. I hope that it is appreciated, but one can not expect to satisfy everyone all the time, and I encourage others to pursue their own methods if mine are not to their satisfaction.
After all, this is not "the" source for such info... only "a" source. :)

This posting gets buried under a lot of other posts through the month, so if you need to find it mid-month, you can bookmark:
New England Scene Darkly @ SeeDarkly.NET where the link to the update will always go directly to the latest.

Any questions or comments? Contact info can be found here. Thanks.


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