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Happy Octoberween! The month-long Mass of All-Goths! Let the preparations for and celebrations of Halloween commence! And for the next five Sundays, SDSD will feature covers devoted to that very spirit of the season:

goJA moon ROCKAH! – Bloodletting [The Vampire Song] (Concrete Blonde)

Concrete Blonde released their third studio album in May 1990. Bloodletting distinguished the band as relevant to the goth genre, branching them from their previous general alternative rock sound. A maxi-single for the title track was released in 1991, including two longer versions of the six-minute song with lyrics in French and German. (The French version was later added to the 20th anniversary re-issue of the album in 2010.)
While many believe the track was directly inspired by Anne Rice's 1976 novel, Interview with a Vampire, singer-songwriter Johnette Napolitano has claimed that she was just "spending a lot of time in New Orleans at the time and that was the flavor." However Napolitano has made it clear that she has read many of Rice's books and at one point actually lived within an hour's distance from her. It's worth note that another song on the album, The Beast, also mentions vampires and ghosts and she did work with David J of Bauhaus on a "vampire-duet" project called Tres Vampires in the past decade. Given that she has also admitted Bloodletting is her favorite song from the album, her interest may be a tad more involved than she seems to laughingly dismiss in interviews.

She's hardly the only artist with a fascination with vampires. German industrial synth-wavers goJA moon ROCKAH! devoted three tracks to vampires on their 2009 release, Disco Vampire, including Mein Vampir, Vampire Party, and the title track. But it was in 2008 that they released Elektronation with their cover of Bloodletting. (The album also includes their cover of a Paris Hilton track; there's bound to be a bloodsucking joke in there somewhere.)
The current status of goJA moon ROCKAH! is a bit of a mystery as the bulk of their web presence has dried up, but most of their discography is available currently from the independent music label, Echozone.

Concrete Blonde's Bloodletting is an incomparable goth classic, but for those who might appreciate a more electronic take with some growling German-accented vocals, goJA moon ROCKAH! delvers an exceptional industrial dance alternative to the original.

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
Octoberween continues with one of several covers of a track made popular by an 80's horror film soundtrack.

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This month I've three gigs coming up: two in Boston and one in western Mass. Click through to my schedule to get details and feel welcome to join my Octoberween club celebrations if you can! ^_^

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