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And so it begins: dire days born in the shadow of irresponsible ratings-obsessed news networks, poorly moderated social media, bad decisions by the misinformed (or worse, malevolent,) and their consequences. If there's any message in today's cover, it's obviously riddled in satire, sarcasm, and unironic disaffection. Those that had a hand in getting us here, welcome to what you've created. Feel like paradise yet? Seems an appropriate time for this one.:

Avarice In Audio - Welcome To Paradise (Front 242)

One of the most influential bands of the industrial style, Front 242 released their fourth original album, Front By Front, in 1988. Not all releases of the L.P included the Welcome to Paradise track, (dependent to some degree on where it was distributed,) though it was the b-side of the only single released from the album, Headhunter.

Paradise may be among the most noteworthy and earliest examples of a technique that inserted spoken-word vocal samples from other media within industrial rhythmic structures. The source of the samples used on the track are on occasion attributed incorrectly to evangelist Jimmy Swaggart but are actually from sermons by Rev. Ferrell Griswold. Griswold was an active promoter of racial segregation who has had his sermons sampled on over a dozen industrial and techno tracks by artists like Front Line Assembly, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Prodigy, & Praga Khan. Griswold died roughly six years before the release of this track.
While their use of sampling might seem to imply a particular statement regarding demagogic evangelism, members of Front 242 claim they had no specific intent of message and that their process was to "reflect" the news of the world in a "journalistic" way that would create a reaction in their audience. In one interview Patrick Codenys said, "We put a spark in their brain and we hope they go and have an attitude."

The Alfa Matrix label, in celebration of their 15 year anniversary and the 35 years of Front 242's existence, put together a tribute compilation to the band entitled, Recovery For You. The collection, released a month ago, boasts 32 Front 242 covers done by industrial artists like Aesthetische, Alien Vampires, Ayria, Helalyn Flowers, Komor Kommando, & Venal Flesh.
Australia-based electro-industrial/IDM fusion-ists Avarice in Audio provided the cover for Welcome To Paradise, with its harsher EBM style and the gravelly recital of the samples as "lyrics" by their lead vocalist, Gerry Hawkins. The interpretation may also not have a specific message, but it certainly sounds angrier about it!

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
Obviously this entry was drafted in the dark and somewhat dejected state of mind that has plagued me for weeks. However, Saturday's nationwide (nay, WORLDWIDE) show of unity against fascism was inspirational and gave me more cause to feel hope than I could have expected after two months of dread.
So next week I bring you a Fifth Sunday A La Mode - Flashback Edition! (for new readers that means a cover of Depeche Mode AND it's a flashback to the 20th century.) It will be prelude to a month of covers that I'm devoting to a "Valentine's" theme that you might just find "lovable." ;)

Comments, suggestions, discussions, etc... welcome! (You do NOT need a Dreamwidth account to comment, but all comments are screened for spam prevention.)

This Friday I spin in Western Mass. Check my schedule for details. ^_^

Explore the darkness,

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