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Welcome back to SeeDarkly Sunday DisCOVERies, where we explore goth/industrial cover songs, their origins, and other bits of fun related trivia!
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Happy Octoberween! Goth-Mas! We may say, "everyday is Halloween," but never more so than during this month. So for the next four weeks, SDSD will feature covers that speak to the spirit of the season.:

Selebrities - The Monster Mash
Born in Somerville, Mass. in the late 40's, Bobby "Boris" Picket grew up a fan of the horror films screened at the theater his father managed. He developed several impersonations of the actors and characters from them. Legend has it that Picket, while performing with a band called the Cordials, recited a monologue in the voice of Boris Karloff during a cover of the Diamonds' Little Darlin'. He was then encouraged to do more with the impersonation by one of his bandmates, Lenny Capizzi. The two later wrote The Monster Mash in 1962 and recorded it with a band dubbed as the Crypt-Kickers.
The novelty was a huge hit and even had its own popular dance despite being a spoof on such dance crazes of the time! (Imagine the "Mashed Potato" but if Frankenstein were doing it.)
Picket would go on to record several other monster-based novelty tracks that never reached anything close to the recognition of the Mash.
The Monster Mash is not only internationally recognized and consistently given radio play annually during this holiday, it has also inspired well over 25 covers, including those by horror actors Vincent Price and Boris Karloff himself. Many of the covers, oddly, have been done by various punk bands, most notable among them were The Misfits.
However, this cover is not by a punk band.
Selebrities, named after a typo found in a comic book, released their first recordings in 2010. They describe themselves as "summertime goth" & "new wave" and seem similar in style to Echo and the Bunnymen, but with a female lead singer. One interesting moment that seems to have inspired their sound was a late night listening of The Chameleons, Strange Times album, when they replayed Swamp Thing 20 times in a row and found it sounded even better each time.
They released their cover of The Monster Mash just days before Halloween in 2011. Their version is more atmospheric and down-tempo compared to the original. This coldwave/shoegaze tribute is perfect for setting the mood for the season.

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
Week two of Octoberween focuses on a certain witch! But which witch?
Hint: This witch is from Scotland! In fact, both of them are! ;)

Comments, suggestions, discussions, etc... welcome!

I'll be spinning twice during the week of Halloween. Some details of my schedule are up on my site. Make plans to come out if you can and feel free to request any of the covers featured here if you like them. ^_^

Explore the darkness,

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