25 December 2016

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Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays!
Since this entry is actually ON Xmas Day, obviously it will be a cover of a carol. Last year's seasonal entries came to us from Crüxshadows and Rotersand. This year it's militaristic industrial laced with a certain amount of "funk.":

Eisenfunk - Jinglefunk [Jingle Bells] (Edison Male Quartet)

Jingle Bells has been a part of our culture for over a hundred and fifty years and been recorded by numerous artists well over two hundred and fifty times. The song, originally titled One Horse Open Sleigh, was written by James Lord Pierpont, and is said to have been published in the fall of 1857, though possibly written a few years before. It wasn't actually intended to be a Christmas song in any respect, inspired by the sleigh races between the towns of Medford and Malden in Massachusetts that took place in the nineteenth century. Pierpont, believed to be a Unitarian Universalist, later moved to the south where he wrote battle hymns for the confederate army while in its service during the Civil War.
In 1898, the Edison Male Quartet were the first known to record the song on a phonograph cylinder (the early incarnation of what would evolve into "records") as part of a medley titled Sleigh Ride Party. Jingle Bells may not have been a huge hit of any kind at first but has grown to be one of the single most recognized holiday songs throughout the world, and in fact beyond as the first song ever performed and broadcast in space by astronauts on NASA's Gemini 6 mission in 1965. Some lyrics and its melody have evolved considerably over the years through its many interpretations.

Eisenfunk, a now seemingly defunct EBM/Aggrotech project, released their fourth (and possibly last) album, Pentafunk in 2011. It includes their version of Jingle Bells, re-titled Jinglefunk, and is nothing short of a extreme beat-heavy mutation of the original and any other rendition through the years. It's primarily an instrumental of the song, maintaining electronic melodies faithfully enough to be recognized easily against its high-tempo and booming bass rhythms, with only a couple of robotically modulated recitations of the chorus early and at its conclusion. It also includes the signature "jingling" one might expect from most X-mas music... if in this case it seems a harbinger of a cyborg-horse coming to slay!

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
The first day of 2017 falls on a bloody Sunday... so we'll kick off the New Year with the obvious. It will also replace my usual "Third Sunday Throwback" for the month as a "First Sunday Flashback" since it comes to us from the end of last century.

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In the spirit of the holidays I have recorded a short little mix of Seasonal Synthpop, Creepy Carols, & X-mas Industrial from some of our favorite artists! Some are traditional covers! Some are original! There's even a couple in Latin and German! It's short, fun, and, well... kind of rough around the edges due to technical issues I can't overcome until Santa comes to replace my gear (but if we're lucky it's nothing anyone will notice. :P ) It also includes the cover featured here.
You can listen to it online or download from here. The playlist can be found on my website where you can also find details on where and when I am spinning next (like, for instance, on the night before New Years Eve!) ^_^

Merry Xmas in Dark,

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