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Welcome to SeeDarkly Sunday DisCOVERies:
a weekly exploration of goth, industrial, & dark alternative cover songs!
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I know I'm cutting myself off from a potential Throwback with this one... but it's sooo good! This one also falls into that category of covers you might think was originally done by a group that covered it (which in this case would have been the Throwback I could have featured) but actually has origins with earlier artists far less successful with it:

Microwaved - Obsession (Michael Des Barres & Holly Knight)

Written and recorded in 1983 by Michael Des Barres and Holly Knight, Obsession was released as a single, which would be their singular collaboration. It was also included on the soundtrack of the 1983 film, A Night In Heaven, and used in a scene where a male stripper dances "intimately" in front of his teacher whose class he's failing. (The eighties were weird.) Neither the film nor the original recording went far. It wasn't until the synthpop outfit Animotion recorded the track for their self-titled album and released it as their first single in 1984 that the track gained its notoriety. Des Barres has suggested that by the time he had even heard about the cover, it was already nearly a number one hit on the charts. Des Barres re-recorded an updated version with Teal Collins Zee in 2013, though he still performs the song with the same spoken-word manner that may have contributed to its original lack of appeal.

It can hardly be denied that Animotion's version was inspiration for many later covers, and thus often credited incorrectly as the original.
Such is the case for this cover by Microwaved, an electronic industrial band who had Jeff Scheel of Gravity Kills and Tara Saavedra of Violette Syn sing the duet of the song for them.
Last Halloween they released it as an opening bonus track of the remixed version of their 2014 album, Jesse. It is also the first track of the Brutal Resonance: Phase One compilation album released at the end of April.
This version is energized with stronger bass-lines and more aggressive synth, and uses some dynamic variations that add a level of distinction to the character of the vocals.

The Cover:

The Original:

Comments, suggestions, discussions, etc... welcome!

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It would normally be Second Sunday Slowly, where I feature a down tempo cover. However, there is a new release later this week that is part of a series of compilations supporting a cause I'd like to give some attention... so if it provides a down-tempo cover, it will still be Second Sunday Slowly. If it does not, I'll review a cover from one of the previous compilations.

Meanwhile, I spin this Wednesday in Boston.
As always, if you're available to join, check my schedule for details. ^_^

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