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Welcome to SeeDarkly Sunday DisCOVERies:
a weekly exploration of goth, industrial, & dark alternative cover songs!

Today marks the One Year Anniversary of this blog! The 53rd entry! The next of who the hell knows how many to come! If you want to review reasons I even do this, click here and read the very first entry.
With over fifty gothic, industrial, electronic, or dark alternative covers presented, the well has not even remotely run dry. For most of the past year I've tried to not resort to the most obvious of them and was often able to present very new covers; some few had ever heard before. My criteria for what I choose is pretty simple:
- Can you dance to it? (Most entries meet this criteria, admittedly not all.)
- Is there anything interesting to share about its history or something related?
- Don't repeat a song.
- Don't repeat any artist covering another.
- Don't repeat any artist being covered (with the exception of Fifth Sunday's A La Mode.)

Having accomplished that to the best of my ability, with the start of the new year I'm resetting those last two criteria. After all some artists have done multiple covers worth note and some artists have been covered multiple times.

Today however, I'm going to focus on a band I neglected in the past year. One to whom many goth/industrial artists owe much of their inspiration:

9th Evolution - Bela Lugosi's Dead (Bauhaus)
In 1979, Bauhaus 1919 formed in Northampton, England. They soon dropped "1919" from their name. Six weeks after their formation they went into the studio to record and in one solitary take, Bela Lugosi's Dead became their first single. It's said that inspiration for the song came from members of the band watching a series of late night television broadcasts of classic vampire films, starring such actors as Christopher Lee, Max Schreck and, of course, Bela Lugosi.
The song became an anthem to goth culture. So steeped in vampire mythos, the track was used in the opening scene of the 1983 vampire film, The Hunger, starring the late David Bowie and featuring the band performing. Bauhaus broke up shortly after.
Despite the fact that bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division, and The Cure actually originated before them, Bauhaus are nevertheless often credited as the progenitors of gothic music.

There have been several covers over the years by such artists as Chvrches, Nouvelle Vague, One recent remake was released two weeks before last Halloween. 9th Evolution, an electronic/rock/industrial/post-punk coagulate, is an independently produced project by Florida-based musician Nicholas Whitfield. Many might say there's no improving on such an original masterpiece. Perhaps true. What Whitfield offers is loyalty to the original's haunting nature while inventively modernizing the feel with entirely electronic instrumentation. Oddly his vocals seem a stronger match to this track than to his own original material and his cover is, thus far, possibly his best work.

As always, here's both the cover and the original for your review:

The Cover:

The Original:

Next week:
Mother's Day. Oh mama, the cover I have planned for you! ;)

Comments, suggestions, discussions, etc... welcome!

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Explore the darkness,

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